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Round Four Winners

Round Four Winners

I really cannot apologise more for the delay in announcing the winners so, without further ado, here are the results of round four.

Alliance ~ Best Genfic
Joint Winner: Better Days by Antosha. (PG-13, multiple implied character deaths)
Joint Winner: In the Presence of Angels by Seldes Katne. (PG, anti-semitism, mob violence)
Joint Winner: Spirits In The Future by JessicaH. (PG)

Aphrodisia ~ Best Het Fic rated R or NC-17
Winner: Substitutionary Locomotion by sunshinefanfics. (MA, Snape/Tonks)

Courage ~ Best Extreme Fic
Joint Winner: Breeding Lilacs out of Dead Land by Areola. (NC-17, abuse, torture, Snape/Hermione)
Joint Winner: Forbidden Feelings by ksevfansd. (L, BDSM, slash, beastiality, Remus/Hermione/Lucius)
Joint Winner: The Inconstant Moon by CarvedWood. (NC-17, incest, chan, bestiality, urophilia, Draco/Lucius, Draco/???)
Joint Winner: The Unfortunates by Grill. (NC-17, character death, Snape/Hermione)

Desire ~ Best Slash Fic rated R or NC-17
Joint Winner: Mating Season by CoriWhoWritesStuff. (M, Severus/Remus)
Joint Winner: Power Play by smoke. (L, BDSM, beastiality, D/s, graphic sex, Snape/Lupin)

Devotion ~ Best Slash Fic rated G to PG-13
Joint Winner: Beyond the Veil by Helene. (PG-13, Sirius/Remus)
Joint Winner: Fools in Love by Anita Dapperens. (PG-13, Snape/Lupin)

Endurance ~ Best Response to a Challenge
Winner: Fools in Love by Anita Dapperens. (PG-13, Snape/Lupin)
Runner-Up: Five Dead Women by Snegurochka. (W, character death, suicide, HBP spoilers)

Featured Category ~ Best Remus Lupin Fic
Joint Winner: Gone Away by icabarburus. (S)
Joint Winner: Wolf at the Door by PlaidPooka. (T, implied slash, Lupin/Snape)

Identity ~ Best Original Character
Winner: I Know What You Do in the Dungeons by Buttercup. (W, Snape/Hermione)
Runner-Up: Brave New World by theatresm. (R, Snape/OFC)

Intelligence ~ Best Dramatic Fic
Joint Winner: Building a Family by Anita Dapperens. (PG-13, Snape/Lupin)
Joint Winner: The Day Emmeline Vance Died by LariLee. (R, character death, HBP spoilers, Emmeline Vance/Severus Snape)
Joint Winner: Girl Most Likely by lizbee. (R)
Joint Winner: Smoke by Liquidscissors. (PG)

Laughter ~ Best Humour Fic
Joint Winner: A Match Made by Law by LariLee. (W, mentions of character death and slash, Snape/Hermione)
Joint Winner: Thinking Fourth Dimensionally by Deeble. (G)
Joint Winner: In Which Voldemort Dies... by hayseed. (PG)
Joint Winner: The Wonders of Lip Balm by Kitsune. (NC-17, slash, femmeslash, rimming, female ejaculation, gratuitous humor and cliches, Severus/Lupin, Hermione/Ginny, Harry/Draco)

Passion ~ Best Femmeslash Fic rated R or NC-17
Winner: The Wonders of Lip Balm by Kitsune. (NC-17, slash, femmeslash, rimming, female ejaculation, gratuitous humor and cliches, Severus/Lupin, Hermione/Ginny, Harry/Draco)

Possibility ~ Best AU Fic
Winner: Stealing Harry by Samvimes. (R, Remus/Sirius)
Runner-Up: Garden of Eden by notsosaintly. (M, implied drug use, Snape/Hermione)

Pride ~ Best Fluff Fic
Joint Winner: On the Clear Understanding That This Kind of Thing Can Happen by Deeble. (PG-13, Snape/Hermione)
Joint Winner: The Owl Chronicles by mouse. (S)

Rapture ~ Best Het Fic rated G to PG-13
Joint Winner: The Anniversary by shiv5468. (G, Snape/Hermione)
Joint Winner: A Dreaded Holiday by GinnyW. (S, Snape/Hermione)

Shyness ~ Best Ficlet or Drabble
Joint Winner: After by Mary. (PG, HBP spoilers, Snape/Hermione)
Joint Winner: Dogs and Their Tricks by J_Marie. (PG-13, Sirius/Remus)

Tears ~ Best Darkfic
Joint Winner: The Long Black Coat by Bloodcult of Freud. (PG-13, Snape/Hermione)
Joint Winner: When Somebody Loved Me by blackaces924. (S, character death, Snape/Hermione)
Joint Winner: Unforgivable Lessons by Owlbait. (W, kinky sex, Snape/Bellatrix)
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October 18 2005, 04:53:39 UTC 11 years ago

I really don't want to sound bitter, however I would like to draw your attention to something.

This round, and the previous rond, and the round before that... most of the winners are Snape/Hermione stories. I'm not saying all of them, but as I'm quite sure, most.

Therefore, this limits the other ships' authors from winning. I really don't know what you think about this, maybe your OTP is SS/HG, but I would like to say most authors aren't quite happy with this.

I would suggest that you open a category specifically for SS/HG, and don't let that ship be nominated in other categories, or something. Just please do something about it. If all the winners are going to be SS/HG, I'm sure that will lower the participation in the future.

I'm eager to see what you come up with.

Thank you.
Though I noticed this, too, to me it just seems that SS/HG shippers are more motivated to vote. Next round, nominate your favourites and spread the word, maybe the readers of your chosen ship(s) are unaware of the existence of the Multifaceted Awards.

Personally, I don't think opening a new category for SS/HG makes sense, as you would have to compare fics of completely different genres. And it's not about ship, but quality of writing. I have read most nominees' stories and it just so happened that the ones I liked best were mostly SS/HG. But I have voted (and will again vote) for fics that are simply better written, even though the pairing doesn't appeal to me.

My conclusion: It's only natural that in ship-neutral Awards the ships with a larger fan-base will get more nominees and votes.


Deleted comment

Every round features a certain character and 'featured category', this means round four has a category 'Best Remus Lupin Fic'. Last time it was Snape, etc. The other categories stay the same (more or less).

Deleted comment


October 18 2005, 16:54:14 UTC 11 years ago

You are, of course, right in saying that. I guess more advertisement is in order for the next round :)
Trust me, my OTP is definietly not SS/HG - I can barely read it, actually. I wasn't in charge the first round, but I have a feeling that it may have been advertised at more SS/HG related comms and shippers have been following it ever since - the first featured round was Hermione.

I'm not going to create a purely SS/HG category, though. Once you start making ship-specific categories, the question becomes where do you stop? X/Y have got their own category, so why can't X/Z, etc...
And I apparently can't spell 'definitely'. *face palm*


October 18 2005, 16:58:12 UTC 11 years ago

Yes, yes, I agree. It was just a spontaneous suggestion anyway. So excuse me for the lack of logic. I guess more advertising is needed in non-SS/HG communities :)
I completely agree that the reason SS/HG stories keep winning is because it's advertised so heavily in SS/HG communities. There were some other ships that won this time, which was nice.

However, if the next round will center around Ginny, you can be sure that I'll alert all of the H/G, D/G, and whatever other shippers I can find for the round. I'd love to see more variety, as well.

*grins* And since H/G and D/G have such well-established fan bases, I think it will be a VERY interesting fight for who wins the featured category.
i was wondering... will there be certificates like the last two rounds?
Yes. I've just recieved them from jawy, who has been doing the graphics for this round. I think they look fantastic and they'll be posted tomorrow, hopefully.