Natasha (silvernatasha) wrote in hp_multifaceted,

Nominations Closed

Nominating is now closed. Thank you to everyone who nominated! The last few nominees to be processed - I still need to put a few on the site - will be up on the site by Sunday at the latest.

Voting commences on 16th September.
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hi =)

I was wondering when will the results come out?
As soon as I've got them back from the vote-counter, etc. I'm terribly sorry about the delay, but my internet access is now a lot more limited than it used to be.
I really don't want to sound like a whiner, but... *hides* Have you received any news yet on the vote count? I'm just a bit curious. ^___^

~Dragon no Hime.
I'm still waiting.
*feeds you chocolate cookies while waiting*


October 16 2005, 03:33:51 UTC 12 years ago

Considering this much time didn't elapse between past rounds, I guess after more than three weeks it's safe to assume this has been abandoned? Bummer.


October 16 2005, 09:41:33 UTC 12 years ago

I totally agree. There is not even a word on their mainpage to explain there is some delay or if there is some problem... I think too it must be abandoned...
No, it's not abandoned! I'm waiting for the girl who counted the votes to get back to me. Seeing as I no long have FTP access, I can't update the website personally. Please don't think that I have abandoned it!


October 16 2005, 19:36:25 UTC 12 years ago

Maybe you could post an update on this page, just so people know that it has not been abandoned. I was beginning to think that too.
What I'm wondering is how long it takes to count votes... I mean, come on.


October 17 2005, 01:16:49 UTC 12 years ago

I know. I can understand not having much in the way of computer access, but in that case you'd think an arrangement would be made for someone else to manage it. It's just kind of weird to not follow through once an expectation has been set. Oh well.

Deleted comment

That's okay, the person hosting the website can do it for me. I'm thinking about moving the whole thing to LJ for the next round. Thanks for offering, though.