Natasha (silvernatasha) wrote in hp_multifaceted,

Round Five Stuff

I’m starting to think about the fifth round of the Multifaceted Awards which, if people are still interested, will probably start sometime in January.

Feedback about the awards would be fabulous, especially as I’m thinking about revamping pretty much everything about the awards.

The featured character of the next round is going to be Ginny. In previous rounds, this has meant that there would be a ‘Best Ginny Fic’ category. However, I’ve been toying with the idea of making it so that the whole round is Ginny-centric - the featured character would be the theme for the round.

This means that instead of there being a ‘Best Romance Fic’ category, there would be ‘Best Ginny Romance Fic’, or ‘Best Ginny Het Fic’ or ‘Best Ginny Smut Fic’, etc. All the fics nominated would have to feature Ginny. Similarly, if the next round were to be Lucius Malfoy, then all the fics would have to be about Lucius.

The number of categories might get a little bit streamlined, too - most obviously in regard to slash/femmeslash, as only one would be applicable. Probably wouldn’t need a ‘Best [Character] Fic’ category, either, as all the categories would be about them.

What about the number of fics per category? I limited it to twelve in the last round, but obviously fics could only then go on a first-come-first-nominated basis. Currently, an author can have three fics nominated and each fic can then be nominated in two categories. I don’t personally have anything against authors having multiple fics nominated, but I’m considering saying that an individual fic can only be nominated in one category, which means that more fics would be able to be nominated overall.

I don’t really want to go back to having hundreds of fics in each category - as well as being rather intimidating for votes (in my opinion), it makes work a lot harder for me. One thing I have seen other awards sites do is have a ‘pending’ status for fics that have been nominated - a fic only appears on the nominations list after the author has responded to say that they want to take part in the competition. Would that work?

I’ve also considered moving the whole Awards onto this LiveJournal community. To nominate you would just leave a (screened) comment to nominations post and LJ polls to do the voting. Using a poll for the voting would mean that there would be no need for a vote counter and so the results would be instantaneous. Obviously, I would have the poll set to ‘results viewable to none’ during the voting. (I’m not a poll expert, but it is possible to close a poll so that people can’t vote after voting closes, isn’t it? If not, then forget this whole idea).

So, anyway, feedback = good. I’m screening comments, so please leave some views. Pimp this, too, if you think there's anyone who'd be interested in giving some feedback. You’re welcome to post anonymously, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t - that way I can contact you if I want to discuss anything further. Alternatively, you can email me: silvernatasha @
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