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Rules and Dates

After reading all the comments that were left to me (thank you so much to everyone who contributed their thoughts!), the general consensus is that the awards will not become character-specific. However, I’m going to make it so that the Featured Round has no upper limit to nominations - while all other categories can have 15 fics (upped from 12 in the last round), there will be no limit on the number of fics in the ‘Best Ginny Fic’ category.

When authors are emailed about their nomination, they will be asked to confirm that they want to compete. If they have not replied one week after nominations close, the next person on the ‘waiting list’ will be put up for nomination instead (which is why I have increased the ‘reading’ time between nominations closing and voting opening ).

I have also extended the voting period, as many people thought that it was too short last round.

The only change to the categories (I’m not posting them up here as they are basically the same) is that the two femmeslash categories have been merged back into one category - I originally separated them into ‘adult’ and ‘all ages’ to match the slash category which, of course, used to get a lot of nominations. However, the femmeslash categories don’t get that sort of popularity, so it makes sense to me to just have one category. Of course, if I have enough nominations to make running two categories viable, I’ll split it up again.

Nominations Open: Monday 30th January
Nominations Close: Wednesday 8th February
Voting Opens: Wednesday 22nd February
Voting Closes: Friday 10th March

  1. Authors can only have one fic nominated in each category. There is no sense in competing against yourself!

  2. Authors can have a maximum of two fics nominated.

  3. A fic can be nominated in a maximum of two categories.

  4. Fics that have won in a previous round are ineligible for nomination in future rounds. This includes runner-up fics.

  5. You can nominate yourself or someone else. You don't have to be an author to nominate.

  6. A fic has to be archived somewhere to be nominated (this includes LiveJournal, etc.). If you don't have a place to archive it, check our affiliates to find somewhere that you can archive it.

  7. If your fic contains elements that others may find offensive please include a warning; that's why the warning box is on the form. A fic is more likely to be deleted because of complaints than if warnings are given in advance.

  8. On the nomination form, please include the word buffalo when asked for the secret word - this is to show that you've read the rules and if the nomination does not include it, it will be deleted.

  9. WIPs are allowed, however the author must be actively working on them. If it hasn't been updated in the last six months it won't be accepted.

  10. When voting opens, you can only vote once. Email addresses may be randomly checked, so don't assume we won't know. If you do vote more than once, all your votes will be deleted. If you are the author, all of your nominations will be deleted as well.

  11. We reserve the right to add to amend or revise the rules as necessary, because chances are we've missed something. Any changes made will be mentioned on the hp_multifaceted LiveJournal.

  12. There must be a minimum of three fics nominated in a category before voting commences. If there are less than three fics in a category, the fics will not be eligible for voting and will be passed over into the next round.

  13. There will be a maximum of fifteen fics per category, except in the Featured Category. This limit has been implemented in order to encourage wider reading of the fics in each category, as some categories have a tendency to become saturated. The Featured Category is the expection to this and there is no maximum on this category in order to feature a large number of fics.

  14. When an author is nominated, they will be notified by email about the nomination. They will then be asked to confirm whether they wish to compete or not and given the chance to request that the nomination be withdrawn, should they so wish. Unltil they reply, the nomination will not be put on the site.
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